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My Favorite Finger Foods For A Pool Party

septiembre 17 2018



Anybody else’s kids still hanging on to the last few days of summer?  School started up for us a couple weeks ago but the kids are definitely still in a summer mindset (Mei still asks me every week what camp she has! My-Favorite-Finger-Foods-For-A-Pool-Party-7)  Thankfully living in Texas we still have quite a few more weeks left of hot hot weather, so we’ve been taking advantage and spending weekends at the pool!  If your family is anything like mine, you’re all about the snacks as well.  I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream, a treat that I’ve been purchasing on my own for several years now, to share with you my top favorite finger foods that will make your next pool party rock!


Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream




I personally grew up eating mochi ice cream that my parents would buy from the Asian grocery store, so when I saw that that Whole Foods carried Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream, I literally could not contain my excitement and bought several boxes to try.  If you’ve never heard of or tried mochi before, it’s a Japanese treat made from glutinous rice flour and has a slightly chewy texture.  Mochi ice cream is essentially a thin layer of mochi wrapped around an ice cream filling. It combines the creamy sweetness of ice cream with the chewiness of mochi — it’s an absolutely delicious and even cute little treat!  Each little mochi ice cream comes perfectly packaged so we can enjoy our ice cream without having to worry about spoons or cones, meaning one less thing to clean up too!

As a parent who’s also careful about what goes into my kids’ bodies, I also love that Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream is non-GMO, gluten free, rBST free (rBST is a manufactured hormone that increases milk production in cows), and even uses only kosher dairy along with the highest quality of ingredients.  Each mochi is less than 100 calories and with over 25 flavors to choose from, we can also enjoy a couple different mochis every time too!  My favorite flavors are personally the Strawberry and Green Tea, but Dylan and Mei are also obsessed with the Triple Chocolate and Mango too.





Boxes of Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream can be found in the freezer section and Whole Foods also has additional flavors like available in self-serve mochi cooler.  There are seasonal options too like Meyer Lemon and Strawberry Rhubarb that I need to try along with Passionfruit and Red Velvet!


Watermelon Wedges


Nothing says refreshment better than watermelon!  I love the taste of biting into a juicy watermelon on a hot summer day and this treat couldn’t be easier to prepare either.  Simply just slice a watermelon (I go for the seedless kind) into small triangular wedges.  Totally optional but if you have little ones, I’ve found that having a popsicle stick on the bottom of the wedges also makes it easier for small hands to hold on to!


Frozen Fruit Popsicles

My-Favorite-Finger-Foods-For-A-Pool-Party-25Strawberry Coconut Popsicles (original post)

I also like to keep a stash of homemade frozen popsicles in our freezer as they’re great for a quick and easy treat, plus they’re surprisingly easy to make.  I shared my Strawberry Coconut Popsicle recipe here years ago and since then, I’ve also experimented with a few different fruits as well as mixing in Greek yogurt instead of coconut with great success!





Dylan and Mei are like fish when it comes to playing in the water, and I’ve even been stocking up on the swimsuits lately as we’re still living it up at the pool right now.  I’d love to know what your favorite finger foods for the pool are and especially if you’ve tried Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream before!



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